2nd Hand Spirit has had many iterations over the past few years but I am beginning to see it more clearly now. My life is enhanced by vintage items. The look of peeling paint and rusty metal stirs my soul. Yellowing paper and old books call out to me for new life. There is a depth that these items provide, they are not throw aways, old items speak of permanence and harken to a time where single use items would have been seen as a wasteful luxury few could afford. Journals and analog tools included. Documentation of your life has never been so easy with facebook and snapchat however ther is magin in a book you can pass around, the heavy worn feeling of paper in your hand that can transport you through your life experiences.

2nd Hand Spirited is about documenting life through writing, photographing and drawing, exploring and recording your adventures with analog items, and keeping vintage inspiration in your heart and in your life as you navigate the digital requirements of the 21st century.

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