December Daily Day 11


My favorite Christmas cookies are my mothers. She makes two that I love. Peanut butter kiss cookies and butter horns. Butter horns are her specialty. She makes them for the holidays but also for special occasions at her craft shop. Butter horns are sweet and crunchy. They are a classic holiday treat. I have included her recipe here.

Butterhorn recipe

December Daily Day 12


I love the smell of a real Christmas tree. There is nothing like it in the world. Though I

IMG_5766 (1)
Display from Berwick Christmas Boulevard

will admit that I use an artificial tree! This is not due to preference but necessity as my husband is allergic to pine! I do miss the fresh scent of an authentic tree as well as it’s imperfect shape and structure. I love the look of lopsided trees and sparse trees and fat little trees. Artificial trees may look real but they are too perfect. The great thing about artificial trees is their lifespan and lack of needle shedding. My husband puts our tree out the day after thanksgiving and there it sits giving off it’s warm glow until the new year. If you find you miss the scent of the real deal, they make candles for that.

December Daily Day 10


I still believe in Santa. Though I am sure that he is not a person, he might have been at one time. I believe that Santa is an idea. This time of year I feel that the word Santa is synonymous with Santa?the magic of generosity. Though it is unlikely for you to find a magical gift left by this legendary elf, the real gift is much more subtle. The gift is the feeling you get from giving to others and helping those in need. This does not have to be reserved for Christmas time. You can promote this feeling within your heart any time of year.

December Daily Day 8


My favorite act of giving during this season is to provide a gift to a child from an “Angel” or “Giving” tree. Knowing that I have the ability to bring joy to a stranger at during the holiday seasons allows me to practice my gratitude through giving. I am extremely  grateful that I am able to give to others. I enjoy being able to give gifts and I understand that this is a privilege. I feel it is my duty to pay my good fortune forward.

Baking Traditions


My family and I spent some quality time together over the last week making Christmas cookies for a family cookie exchange that took place over weekend. This is our first annual family cookie exchange and hopefully not the last. I wanted to create a new tradition we can share as our children grow.

Homemade Invitation

My daughter is 5 and she enjoys helping, and this time that involved applying flour to her face like makeup. It can, at times, be difficult to allow a child to help in baking or preparing meals. That being said, I think it is important to let go of perfection and allow them to get in on the action. As we prepare these cookies together I am transported back to moments in my own childhood where we worked together to prepare our Christmas cookies. I hope that I can provide similar fond memories for my daughter.

There are special things that you can do to enhance your traditions to make them feel even more special. Designing an invitation for our little party made it feel more official (even though it was really just a little addition to our normal Sunday dinner get together). I also placed my cookies in an inexpensive jar that I found at Tuesday Morning with a twine bow. This jar can be used by my family members during the year to come and hopefully they will think of me when they use it.

Special Packaging


Holiday preparations are time consuming and I find that I can easily fall in to Grinch mode. Checking boxes as I complete tasks becomes more important than enjoying the sights and sounds of the season. Having a child is an important reminder that this is a magical time for everyone. Take a moment and enjoy the holiday. Speak nicely to yourself and recognize the good things taking place around you.

Traditions are important – you are not just making cookies, you are making memories and creating your own legacy.

Our Cookie Display

Happy Holidays,

Graciously, G.

Links below are for the Christmas cookies I made this year, do you have any good cookie recipes to share?

Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Peanut Butter Cup Cookies