Abandon Perfection, Embrace Action

It is December, I am busy (we all are) and this is my 4th blog location for 2nd Hand Spirited. I have had difficulty finding a forever home but I really feel that this is it. I need 2nd Hand Spirited to find its place, this is very important for me as it is a part of my heart and soul. I feel an unrest about this part of me and I need to settle it in –  for my own peace of mind.



I have spent a long time looking for the perfect pen, perfect desk, perfect journal, etc…the list goes on. The best advice that I have learned is that there is no ‘perfect’ anything. Perfect is an illusion that allows you to craft excuses. If my ink flowed more easily, then I would write more often. I have seriously said this to myself. I decided to stop creating that exit window for myself. I have learned that it is better to do something with what I have than nothing at all. It is not fun to look for memories in a blank journal. The items I have used in my planners and journals do not take anything away from the memories, looking back at pencil drawings and skipping pen is just as interesting as a finely crafted watercolor drawing.



The lesson is to start now with what you have. Don’t wait for the perfect moment or your blank notebooks will remain that way. There is no such thing as perfection and when you look back at your writings in the years to come the items you were using probably won’t even cross your mind. I have procured a web address and now I must get it filled with content. Time for action!



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