December Daily – Day 5


The Graphics Fairy – Christmas Label

Smells are certainly linked to emotion. A single smell can transport you deeply in to a memory or a feeling. There are certain smells that I associate with the holiday season. The most obvious that comes to mind is Pine. The smell of pine evokes the memory of a Christmas tree in the living room or pine boughs on the windows. It is a fresh smell that permeates your entire home. Another smell I associate with this season is the fresh, crisp air just before a snow storm. Though this scent is difficult to describe, if you live in a snowy area you know exactly what it is like. The air is so cold and thin you barely feel as though you are breathing at all. Cinnamon is another scent that reminds me of the holidays. Though i can not put my finger on exactly why. I love the smell of cinnamon, and it seems like it could be more of a fall scent but i have partnered it up with Christmas. Perhaps, as a cookie flavoring.

Graciously, G

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